In order to address the mental health crisis that our country is facing, Tumaini hopes to set up outpatient and residential treatment centres across the country to cater to patients of ill mental health and addiction issues.

TUMAINI hopes to fundraise through friends and partners to open these treatment centres across the country

Africa Retreat Centre (ARC) is an intensive outpatient rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol dependency as well as other mental health issues like depression, stress, grief, trauma among others.

Launched in June 2017, ARC runs an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) model. Our model encourages patients to strike a balance between maintaining daily schedules and benefitting from therapy while offering a holistic approach to treatment through delivery of the most comprehensive care possible.

ARC is the first of several treatment centres The Tumaini Foundation intends to set-up, support and operate



The TUMAINI Foundation intends to launch a suicide helpline. The recent WHO report on mental health reports Uganda as one of the few countries worldwide that does not have a National Suicide Hotline in place to deal with the alarming suicide rates in
the country.

Uganda is listed as one of the countries with the highest suicide rates worldwide coming in at 17th position with a reported 18.67 suicides per 100,000 people.

The Tumaini Lifeline hopes to address the suicide issue by offering a toll-free confidential suicide hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. The lifeline will provide crisis counselling and mental health referrals round the clock.

Tumaini Work is a programme that is aimed at dispelling the myths surrounding Mental Health and breaking the stigma in the workplace.

Tumaini Work aims to work with decision makers and employee support teams to bring mental health care closer to employees and to improve the general work environment to promote positive mental health with in the workplace. Studies have shown that several mental health issues may be caused or precipitated by negative work environment and this affects employee engagement which has a direct impact on employee output.

Our aim is to work with human resource or employee support teams to create policies within the work environment that foster positive mental health within the work place

Tumaini Woman is a mental health wellness program designed for the everyday woman.

Statistics have shown that women are twice as more likely to suffer from a mental health disorder. This program offers a platform for women to address issues that might have a negative impact on their mental wellbeing since research has shown that environmental factors have contributed to negative mental health over the past few decades.

TUMAINI Woman also hopes to address issues related to postnatal depression among new mothers, a condition that is largely ignored by our health care system and society as a whole. The programme aims to give women skills to identify, cope and address these issues in their
own lives and for their loved ones.

Tumaini Combat is a programme that aims to serve and work with men and women in the army just as they have so diligently served to protect our country. There is a growing concern of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within the army and at TUMAINI we aim to address this issue. We work with the army on ensuring these brave men in uniform receive treatment for PTSD and empower them with the skills to cope on the battlefield.

In order to bring the stigma around Mental Health to an end, we need to start with the younger generation. Tumaini Ingane is aimed at children and teenagers of school going age.

This program is an easy to understand programme that helps children learn to identify the signs of a potential mental health issue among their peers, family and most importantly themselves. It teaches them that it is okay to seek help and how to deal with someone close to them living with a mental health disorder.

The program is carried out partner schools across the country through talks and forums through which children can engage with experts in the field to learn about mental health