Having had a spiritual awakening, we carried these steps to those still suffering and to practice these principles in our affairs.

– Step 12; Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous



Mental health and addiction are an area that are very dear to our heart at The Tumaini Foundation. After having gone through a mental health crisis and eventually going through recovery, our Founder Liz embarked on a mission to address an issue that is taboo in our African society.

The Tumaini Foundation is a non-profit movement that aims at addressing mental health and addiction care issues in Uganda and the continent as a whole. Tumaini aims three major goals;

  1. To raise awareness about mental health and addiction care on the African continent.
  2. To address the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction care on the continent.
  3. To improve health care access for people living with mental health and addiction disorders on the continent.

Tumaini also hopes to work closely with the government to improve legislation and policy around mental health and addiction care in Uganda. The current mental health act in Uganda came into law in 1964 and has not been amended since! The act is demeaning and does not offer support to patients suffering from mental health issues. The act also does not cater for people suffering from addiction issues and does not recognise them as patients or offer treatment as an option for addicts.

According to research, mental health care is not a priority for the government because it is non-communicable. This means that at the moment, only 1% of the National Health Care budget is allocated to management of mental health in the country. Due to this, we have only one national psychiatric hospital in the country and only a handful of treatment centres that are many times too expensive for the ordinary citizen to afford.



The Tumaini Foundation is dedicated to improving the mental health situation of Africans across the continent. We campaign for awareness, the elimination of stigma and improved access to health care services.



To create a stigma free generation. Encouraging people with mental illness and addiction related illnesses to first of all acknowledge their problem and seek necessary treatment. We will not stop until everyone with a mental health problem receives the necessary support and respect.



The Tumaini team is part of a generation that believes in the deep commitment to change eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health on the continent in which everyone has access to mental health services. Led by our Founder and Executive Director Liz Kakooza, our mission and work is rooted in this generation’s ownership of this challenge and our willingness to go above and beyond our call of duty.

The Tumaini Foundation is privileged to have an amazing and energetic team of volunteers that work to carry the #Tumaini message of awareness to their audiences



Liz Kakooza Founder & Executive Director